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Jessica Lisette MMA

     Jessica Lisette is a singer and songwriter who sings and composes in both English and Spanish.  Her music is a fusion of various styles which include Pop, Rock, and Latin. 

     Jessica Lisette was born and raised in the United States and is of Cuban descent.  She began to fine-tune and strengthen her voice at the age of seven when she enrolled in classical vocal training and later was accepted into the UNLV Children's Choir program at 11 years old where she sang as a soprano.  After years of rigorous practice, she went on to develop a four octave vocal range.  

     Later, Jessica decided to branch out of classical music to study other more contemporary methods of vocal performance.  Inspired by Latin artists and composers such as Luis Miguel and Armando Manzanero, she began to write her own music which emulated the bolero style of romantic melodies and poetic lyrics.  In a few years, she had compiled an abundance of original songs written in English as well as in Spanish with the ability to go from one language to the other while achieving a similar message in her compositions.

     Also known for her heartfelt and powerful rendition of the Star Spangled Banner, Jessica Lisette is a regular anthem performer in Las Vegas.  She has performed for many U.S sports teams as well as various government entities.

     Aside from being a singer and songwriter, Jessica Lisette has a passion for filmmaking.   After watching Peter Jackson's The Lord of the Rings as a young girl, she became fascinated with the art behind acting and directing.  Today she acts, as well as directs and edits her own film projects and music videos.  In 2017, her music video for her single “The Other Side” was officially selected in several notable film festivals in LA and is an award winner in the Hollywood International Moving Pictures Film Festival and the Accolade Global Film Competition.

     Currently, Jessica is also an affiliated Twitch music streamer who is on her way to gaining partnership on the platform.  She performs concert streams which include Disney, Spanish, standards, musical theater and her own original songs.  Her streams go live several times a week and are about 3-5 hours long.  She takes song requests from her extensive song list. 

     Jessica's music is available throughout all digital media outlets such as Spotify, iTunes, Apple Music, Amazon, and Google Play.

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